Editorial coverage – Katie Lara does accept product reviews if it is something she feels her readers will enjoy. However, Katie is not compensated for reviews to ensure that they are honest and unbiased. She does, however, accept complimentary products for review.

Live social media sharing – Smartypanties is happy to experience your restaurant, service or hotel and share her experience through social media. Katie Lara is a professional photographer (photos have been featured on Fox News, Fodor’s, The Huffington Post and more) and photos I share get significant attention. Let my devoted readers see your brand through my eyes.

Giveaways – Giveaways garner a significant amount of traffic are a great way to get my readers interested in your brand. I share the giveaway through social media and email my subscriberes the posts as well. These are available for a fee.

Sponsored posts – I do offer sponsored posts if the content relates to my content. In these posts, you control the content (within reason). However, everything must be honest and factually true. These type of posts may contain up to two links and two photos. In order for our readers to understand fully that the post is an advertisement I always disclose clearly to our readers that the content is sponsored (as per FTC Guidelines).

Banner advertising – We offer several formats on the site.

Please inquire for rates within. Email Press at Smartypanties dot com to find out more.

Do not send unsolicited emails asking me to feature you or an expert you represent who wants to guest blog. We will not respond.

Legal Stuff

DISCLAIMERS: Unless otherwise stated, the photos do not belong to Smartypanties and are not used for commercial reasons. Photos are from retailers linked within the post or are sourced to the website/ photo agency.

PRODUCT REVIEWS: When Smartypanties does product reviews we will always disclose whether or not we’ve received a product for free (which sometimes we have). That’s the one perk of being a blogger and spending countless hours pouring our hearts into our sites for our readers. Regardless, we still mention it in every post to be clear. That doesn’t ever mean we’ll give a false opinion about something because we got it for free. In fact, most products we get, we don’t write about unless we really LOVE or really HATE them.

OUR LINKS: If there are sponsored or affiliated links we will disclose this fact.

WIDGETS: Widgets that are on our homepage often are affiliates of Smartypanties and therefore we may receive a commission if you purchase something after clicking on the link.