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Hi y’all, I’m Katie, Editor-in-chief of Smartypanties since back in 2008. I’m a thirty-something mommy living in New York City. I’m a total type-A perfectionist when it comes to…anything… childcare, health, fashion, fitness and travel. I’m a lawyer by day and a contributor to outlets like Forbes, The Huffington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Parent’s magazine, Fodor’s, and many others by moonlight. I cover everything from luxury travel (now also family travel) to baby products to life in New York city!

I’m also insanely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. And not like I eat salads…like I research every product I purchase for hours to make sure that the company’s manufacturing standards and ingredients are up to my standards.

But as they say, it takes a village. I have figured out experts to follow that carry clout for each of their industries.

My #lifegoal has always been to find the best the world has to offer–in everything I have never been able to settle for something knowing something better was out there. My blog’s purpose is to share what I’ve learned after painful amounts of research. I arm my readers with everything I have discovered about living my best life. My honest (and dare I say hilarious) opinions and Type-A research about everything is a guaranteed must-read for all women–especially moms! I publish only the best and weed out the mehhh so that you need not waste your time.

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