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Editor-in-chief, Katie Lara started Smartypanties in 2008 to help her readers “Live Luxe, Less Bucks.” As a thirty-something who lives in New York City, Katie has always been great at styling herself on a reasonable budget. Knowing where to splurge and where to skimp while still looking like a million bucks is an art! But it can also be exhausting without some help…

Since its creation, Smartypanties has evolved with Katie’s lifestyle. As she learned the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, (there is life beyond clothing after all) Katie began to share beauty product reviews (focusing on organic ingredients), recipes and travel recommendations. As Katie’s life evolved and she began to travel more she created another blog Travelingpanties.comto chronicle her travel escapades and adventures. Katie currently is Forbes’ New York travel correspondent and regular contributor to Huffington Post, Fodor’s, U.S. News & World Report amongst other outlets. Now Katie is starting the next big adventure: motherhood.

As a new mom-to-be, Katie will arm her readers with advice on what they need to know about pregnancy, planning for a family and living a healthy (and luxe) lifestyle. Katie’s honest (and dare we say hilarious) opinions and Type-A research about everything is guaranteed to be a must-read for all women–especially Mom’s-to-be! Katie weeds out the meh products, restaurants and recipes so that you need not waste your time.

Katie has done it all–college in the Midwest, law school in New York City, working at Jean Paul Gaultier, Fox News, a corporate law firm, a private practice and currently in non-profit–all while juggling freelance writing. Katie has been jetting around the world soaking in everything that it has to offer (in the past few years she has been to South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Italy, Laos, Vietnam, France, England and man more). Katie is currently regular contributor for Forbes, Fodor’s, Huffington Post and several other outlets.

Katie’s mission has always been to find the best the world has to offer. As a new mom-to-be, she is scouring the city for the best of the best whether she’s looking for makeup, pregnancy apps, maternity wear or natural products. Katie will share what she’s learned after spending her money and figuring out what works.

Living a fabulous VIP lifestyle in New York City can be tough–but Katie aims to make it easier. Learn where to spend your hard-earned cash and where to pass!

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