Get the Perfect Polish-Free Manicure with Micro-Nail

If you’re a regular, you know that I try to keep my beauty regimen as natural as I possibly can. I use coconut oil as moisturizer and apple cider vinegar as a toner. So, while I like to get my nails done (actually I’m pretty good at doing them myself) I don’t like the thought of all the unnatural chemicals and toxins that manicures entail. The fumes alone of sitting in the salon make me woozy. So when I was asked to review a sample of Micro-Nail, I was hopeful. All the photos I had seen made the nails so shiny. I couldn’t wait to see if it really worked.

micro nail review 2

The Micro Nail is a tiny battery-operated machine that gently buffs away ridges, imperfections and discoloration while adding a big shine. And it only takes minutes to use. It comes with 2 of nail buffers and 2 cartridges that make your nails shine. You just flip the switch and buff and then switch the cartridge and use the shiner. And voila!

I love it because it’s a natural and hygienic way to get your nails sparkling without any chemicals. And guys can use it too. It also saves you money because you can get your nails shimmering in just about a minute in the comfort of your own home.  It honestly looks like clear polish without any of the worries of chipping. I tried so many photos to show you the finished product but to no avail. Who knew photographing shiny nails would be so difficult.

Right now it’s sold exclusively through for just $43.00. I was really impressed with the quality (it’s solid) and how easy it was to use. Smartypanties approved!

I did receive this product for free for purposes of testing it but you can’t buy the love here. I still get packages and packages of stuff. Most of it doesn’t make the cut to get a post on the blog!

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