5 Things to Know Before You Dye Your Hair Ombré with Erick Orellana from Sally Hershberger Salon

Beauty trends come and go but it seems that the ombré hair color trend is here to stay! It’s subtle yet different and really is flattering and fun—especially for the summer! While I thought that I could only dream of doing such a thing (I Japanese straighten my hair after all), after speaking with Erick Orellana, hair colorist to the stars, I know that everyone can rock this look if you use the right stylist. But don’t get too adventurous thinking you can drugstore it and DIY because the trick, according to Erick is that subtlety is the way to go. So before you DIY, keep these rules in mind. Look at this fab job, Erick did!


Steer Clear of Brass

Make sure your colorist knows what he’s doing—always my first priority. You don’t want to end up with brassy undertones—trust us, orange is not the new black when it comes to hair color.

Keep the Ends in Line

Going ombré involves stripping some of your hair’s dark color to get the sleek effect. Make sure you get a trim after you do this to avoid limp, dead-looking ends.

Blurred Lines

The number one cardinal sin in ombré is to have a harsh line across your hair where your color transitions from dark to light. Nothing says cheap dye job like a straight line. Make sure your stylist uses a hand-painting technique to evenly blend the light pieces.

Less is More

The trend these days is natural looking, longer wear and lower maintenance. After all, who wants to be at the salon every 3-4 weeks! It’s not easy to mimic what the perfect natural hair would be and that’s why this look isn’t easy to achieve. If it were, everyone would have it.

Leave it to the Professional

Not only should you probably not do this at home—trust me, I have seen way too many badly dyed manes around this city, but you need to find a stylist who really knows what he/she is  doing. The best stylists know the right shades to keep things subtle. Not such an easy task, trust me. My go-to guy to ask about hair color is Erick Orellana from the Sally Hershberger salon. He’s amazing. And when it comes to haircare/color/etc. he’s a big believer in the less is more approach. He has mastered the natural look while enhancing his client’s hair to perfection.  When I try this look out later this summer, he’s the only person I will trust my hair to. Check back to see what happens when we change my dark and mysterious mane into a more summer-ready one!

Erick Orellana is based in Los Angeles but does frequent the New York City salon from time to time. He’s had his hands on Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway and even the great Diane Keaton’s locks. I love Erick because he’s truly a genius at natural looking hair color that works for you. He’s an expert in color correction too, should you have found the wrong stylist before reading this post.

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