The Best of Philadelphia: What to Do, Where to Stay and the Best Restaurants Philly has to Offer

Wonder what I’ve been up to? Well, this past month of February was pretty cold in New York City for those of you who are lucky enough to live somewhere else. And my travel choices did not take me anywhere warm and sunny! But I did visit the wonderful city of Philadelphia and even in the freezing weather managed to have a fabulous time. I’m alway searching for the perfect weekend escapes from New York City that won’t set you back too much but let you really get away, see new things and taste new restaurants. Philly is the perfect long weekend escape from New York because the train is relatively inexpensive and very quick. And if you’re looking to save even more money you can take the bus and save your pennies for your hotels and meals in Philly.

We went to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I have to tell you I was super impressed with what the city had to offer. I was curious when I saw it on the New York Times’ list of best places to travel to in 2015–and it was the number one destination in America! So it had some large shoes to fill. I am happy to report that it was wonderful! In fact, I could have spent another week there and still not seen everything the “City of Brotherly Love” has to share.

Best Things to Do Philadelphia

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There are so many wonderful museums and parks but of course we had to keep most of our activities indoors since temperatures hit about -20 below with the windchill. The art museums are truly world class though–I’m talking they’ve got one of the best in the world! Yes, the world. The Barnes Foundation is so incredible and world renowned–it has more Cezanne paintings than all of France! The story behind the collection is bittersweet–there is actually a documentary about it called the Art of the Steal. The Barnes Collection is high on my list of recommendations for What to Do in Philadelphia.

Over at Travelingpanties I chronicled all the best things that I spent hours researching and reviewing while we were in Philly. It’s definitely worth a read–whether you’re planning a trip or interested to see what Philly is like. Oh and see that picture above, when I travel I always recommend using Flytographer for an hour photo shoot. It’s the best way to get perfect vacation photos with none of the stress. You can see more when you click either link above. Best Restaurants in Philadelphia As you can imagine I also ate and drank a ton–obviously only in the name of research! Not because I’m a piggy! I was super impressed with the culinary sophistication in Philadelphia. It seems like New York is losing a lot of its new chefs to Philly where they can invest in their own restaurants for a fraction of the cost. The food was really amazing and memorable. I have so kindly chronicled the Best Restaurants in Philadelphia including the best Cheesesteaks! Oh and I tell you where I had the best dessert of my entire life. So, ya know, you’re welcome! Finally, as y’all know, before I travel I do extensive research as to where I want to stay. It’s gotta be all luxury. There is nothing relaxing about staying somewhere that you’re worried to walk around barefoot. We chose to stay at Kimpton’s Philadelphia hotels and were very pleased with our choices of both the Hotel Monaco and the Palomar Philly. I’ve reviewed each of these luxe hotels extensively and give you a true inside peek at what to expect to see if it’s the right hotel for you!

Disclosure: I was hosted for a shoot with Flytographer and given one night at a complimentary media rate at Hotel Monaco.

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