Join the Cult: My New Favorite Nail Polish Brand

It’s the winter, which means it can get a little depressing. I find that having fun nails spices up otherwise drab and dreary outfits, which always consist of Boots, skinny jeans and a sweater. Ugh! And I just found a new nail polish line that I’m obsessed with: Cult Cosmetics!


All CULT Cosmetic nail polishes are high quality and free of carcinogens.  All CULT Cosmetic products are cruelty free and are also always gorgeous!

Here are 4 reasons that CULT nail polish rocks:

1. You only need one application! And this is true! I tried it. Bye-bye watery nail polish!

2. CULT Cosmetics formula is Five Free containing no Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor, or Formaldehyde Resin, found in many other popular polish brands.

3. CULT Cosmetics nail polish is made in California. CULT is located just one block from the Pacific Ocean in downtown Santa Monica. Its color and design selections are inspired, formulated, mixed and bottled in California.

4. CULT is Animal-Friendly. As an ethical company with a deep love for animals, CULT guarantees that NO animal testing will ever be conducted or commissioned for CULT polishes, or their ingredients, in any phase of product development by the company or its suppliers.

To check out their latest collection and find out where the polishes are available for purchase, check out Cult Cosmetics online. Individual polishes are $12

If you’re interested though CULT also has this cool service called Blackbox. Blackbox is a VIP service for customers who ask for our trend forecasting and auto-delivery services. With Blackbox, every month you receive the latest nail colors plus tips, a nail tool and the occasional monthly bonus. CULT collaborates with respected bloggers, cosmetic professions and trendsetters to ensure that you’re getting what will be in next month’s fashion magazine (before your friends even see it!)

Blackbox comes each month for $19.99 + shipping. No obligation, cancel at any time.

*I was sent three nail polishes to try out for purposes of this review but as always you can’t buy the love. I receive multiple packages a week and very few make it onto the site!*

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