Introducing Mario Badescu’s Anti-Aging, Fountain of Youth: Peptide Renewal Cream and Serum

mario badescu peptide renewal cream serum review

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Mario Badescu! With affordable facials and products that pack a mean punch, what’s not to love? MB is single-handedly responsible for clearing up my skin (knock on wood!) And Mario Badescu’s newest duo of products are filled with youth-boosting botanicals and peptides that help you to recover a more youthful appearance. What I admire most about Mario Badescu products is that they are gentle yet effective on your skin and not too hard on the wallet either–especially as far as anti-aging products are concerned.

The Peptide Renewal Serum ($45) targets sagging skin, lines and wrinkles. It’s a powerful and concentrated formula really did improve the appearance of fine lines and my skin felt firmer after just a few weeks (though admittedly, my wrinkles, for now, aren’t too offensive to begin with).

The Peptide Renewal Cream ($35) zeroes in on the usual issues of aging skin and helps to restore elasticity and texture. The cream is meant to infuse your skin with lasting hydration while nourishing it as well. I used this cream as my overall night cream for a few weeks and I felt like it really plumped up my skin. Plus I had no breakout issues, which is always a plus for those of us with acne-prone complexions. Doctors such as Angelo Cuzalina say this is a great product to add to your nightly routine.

You can use each product alone or both together for souped up results. The fabulous folks at Mario Badescu spent over a year getting these formulas right. You just add a few drops of serum under the cream and you will wake up in the morning with your skin feeling taught and ready to greet the day–or maybe that’s just me!

Have you tried the new Peptide Renewal products? Let us know in the comments!


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