What to Wear to the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Fashion Hats Style

The Kentucky Derby is coming up just a few short months away. I love the fashions, the hats, and especially the fascinators! Fashion has always been my main focus of the Kentucky Derby of course but I'm not alone. Believe it or not, it ain't all about the horses, ladies . There are also people betting on Kentucky Derby. I know, huge shock. Throughout history, the Kentucky Derby has always drawn celebrities and high-society fashionistas. 

Playboy Bunnies Kentucky Derby Hugh Hefner

From Playboy Bunnies to Paris Hilton to Heidi Montag…haha okay not the highest of high society always, but celebrities love attending for the fun fashions! No outfit is complete without the following:

The Hat: Hats aren't just for the British anymore, ladies! On this amazing day you can bring your simple hat or a custom-made fascinator (like Princess Kate!) along and no one will flinch. Pretty much, if you don't wear a hat here, you're in the minority.

The Shoes: A pair of sweet heels here are a must but don't forget, you're going to be hiking along cobblestone streets so bring a pair of comfy shoes to change into so you don't break your neck on the way there!

The Dress: We are a huge fan of the fun patterns and pastels. Just make sure it doesn't upstage your fabulous headwear! Might not be a bad idea either to pair your frock with a light jacket as the weather is still somewhat unpredictable in May.

Accessories: Not only do you need some classic pearls but you'll also want the perfect man candy on your arm to complete your look! Stick your hottie in a seersucker suit with a bowtie. Need ideas, check out the latest Ralph Lauren or Vineyard Vines catalog! 


Paris Hilton Socialite Kentucky Derby

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