Nailed It: Manicure of the Week!


Last week I had a meeting with a Public Relations ladybug, Sarah Bresler, not only was she cool, but she had the coolest manicure I had ever seen. Of course I forgot to ask her what it was until I left, I had to know though so I emailed her (stalker, right?) and I found out! I just had to share it with you girls!

Of course it couldn't be easy, nothing I like ever is. The mani starts with a coat of light pink bio gel called Baby Doll, and the glitter is just loose glitter they have at the salon for nail art. I am on a mission now to find a salon in Manhattan that is up to the task!

If you live in Toronto where Sarah, the nail wizard resides, she got her nails done at Shea Coco in Toronto. Their website isn’t super high tech, but you see their work, check 'em out

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