25 Things You Don’t Know About Jamie Stone: The Queen Behind Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis

As I promised one hundred years ago, I'm going to hit you with US Weekly Styled 25 Things You Don't Know About Moi-styled columns so you can get to know your favorite bloggers better. You read what we write, you trust our opinions but how well do you know us? Learn more about one of my favorite ladies out there in the blogging hemisphere, Jamie Stone, creator of the fabulous Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis. Not only is she a talented writer but she has a wicked sense of humor, which is why we love her! Without further ado, here are 25 Things You Don't Know About Jamie Stone.


  1. From the ages of 2-4, I refused to wear any clothing that wasn’t the color green (turquoise was sometimes an exception)
  2. I developed a competitive streak in college…I couldn’t have cared less about winning before that time period.
  3. I won 3rd place two years in a row in a small-town modeling competition when I was in elementary school.  I didn’t see this as a “win” at all since all I did was walk up and down a runway while wearing a frilly pink dress and a side ponytail.
  4. It doesn’t matter how full I am, there is ALWAYS room for French fries.
  5. I’ve gone skydiving three times.
  6. I had a nose job right after high school graduation.
  7. I once convinced my younger sister that she was adopted and her real name was “Melis-e-a” (instead of Melissa), just to make her cry.   I was a real little shit but she threw a 2×4 at my head once, so I don’t feel that bad about it.
  8. I’ve taken a ski lift DOWN a mountain, after an unsuccessful bout with a black diamond trail.
  9. I am extremely direct and it sometimes scares people from LA, which I love.
  10. I will happily pay $600 for a handbag but will complain that light bulbs cost $4.
  11. I am absolutely terrible at math. Always have been, always will be.
  12. I have a dirty white trash secret: I collect shot glasses from every city and country that I visit…BUT I do NOT display them.  They’re hidden in my closet, in a Louis Vuitton dust bag, which I feel somehow makes it slightly better.
  13. I love wine (but if you know me, you probably already know this).
  14. Moving to LA was both the best and scariest decision that I’ve ever made.
  15. I have a completely irrational fear of geese and ducks…in fact, I really don’t like birds in general.
  16. My favorite city in the world is Venice, Italy; it’s magical.
  17. For the past year and a half, I’ve been volunteering every week at a home for at-risk teen girls. We do arts and crafts together and I’m obsessed with them.
  18. I have two of the weirdest food allergies ever: pork and sea urchin.
  19. I’m left-handed but play most sports like a righty. Weird.
  20. My first favorite song was Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody” and my first concert was New Kids on the Block.
  21. I have one tattoo, two holes in each ear and a navel ring.
  22. I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 15 but I love the smell of steak.
  23. I’ve done a lot of traveling: Japan, South Korea, Buenos Aires, France, England, Amsterdam, Monaco, Italy, etc. etc. and Australia is next on my list. 2013!
  24. I’ve had blonde hair since 2001.
  25. I’m Italian, Irish and English on my dad’s side and Russian and Austrian on my mom’s side.
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