Joey Healy Launches Eyebrow Studio on New York’s Fifth Avenue

Do you know how important eyebrows are? I'm a big believer that they really frame your whole face and if they're not good, you look weird. Really, really weird.  I had the pleasure of meeting Joey Healy last night in his new space. He is so friendly and chatty, you feel like you're instant besties in the first 60 seconds of meeting him. We both agreed that many people don't truly appreciates how important eyebrows are to your looks until you have one horrific experience…and then you know. Many people simply frequent nail salons and grab a quick wax in a dingy back room because its so convenient and economical. But, listen ladies, I'm telling you, you're not fooling anyone, you get what you pay for. If there is one thing to go to someone who knows what they're doing for, it's for your face.  Get your nails done at your neighborhood salon but don't let someone touch your brows if they don't know what they're doing. Properly groomed eyebrows hold more power and impact on the facial appearance than any other feature. FACT.

Enter Joey, brow-shaper to stars like Kyra Sedgwick, the Real Housewives of New York and Andy Cohen. Joey is a triple threat actually, in addition to being a brow specialist he is also a professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician. Joey understands that "a brow isn't all about makeup and beauty, anatomy and bone structure plays just as important a role in shaping and styling." 

As y'all know, I get very worried with my eyebrows after some horrific waxing experiences that left me with thin apostrophe-shaped brows (OY!). I was a little hesitant to put my brows in someone's hands who I didn't know. But I thought hey, if he's good enough for celebs and other corporate clients like Alvin Ailey American Dance, Maxim Magazine, Vogue and, I thought hmm, maybe he'll be as good as my lady at the Lancome counter that I trust. 

Well, he was better. I stupidly didn't take a "before" photo but you can see my brows in the after photo here:

Joey only tweezes to achieve his results. He reasons that it's more precise than wax, which is "just waiting for an accident." Couldn't agree more with that, one of the first times I went to a place in Chicago to get my brows done she accidentally dropped a bit of wax in the middle of my brow and then proceeded to pull it off. The horror, even typing it gives me anxiety. Point is, I appreciate the safety that tweezing brings. Plus, never a big fan of pulling off skin with waxing. Just seems like it can't be good for all my anti-aging efforts. 

After we were done tweezing, Joey used one of his own Luxe Brow Powders on me. These can be applied wet or dry and they really finish the look and fill in any gaps. I for one have a little tiny bald spot toward the end of my left eyebrow so that helps over it. Joey also offers Brow Renovation Serum to deal with those accidentally over-plucked or over-shaped brows. It will help your brows to grow back even thicker than before. When applied as directed, users will see lusher brows in two to three weeks. 

Joey is a bit pricey for the average Jane, he starts at $85 for an Eyebrow shaping. If this is out of your monthly price range I think that you could really learn alot just going at least a few times and helping him lay a healthy brow foundation that you can work off of. It's much easier for someone to continue shaping from an already built masterpiece. Plus, he really likes to help teach his clients to maintain their own brows in between sessions, which is great for those of us who go a bit longer between sessions either for scheduling concerns or to save a little cash.

To find out more about Joey Healy and/or to buy his products, check him out on his website or email him at to book an appointment. 

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