Lady Gaga Launches Black Perfume, Fame!

Lady Gaga sure knows how to throw a party. Last night was the launch of her new perfume, Fame. She had a scientist spend 6 months trying to create a black liquid that wouldn't stain. The soiree that marked the end of Fashion Week had all the celebs you can imagine, Lohan, Paris Hilton, Marc Jacobs, etc. All watched the zany Gaga sleeping inside of an art installation (party was at the Guggenheim) where guests tried to rouse her from her slumber. A real-life sleeping beauty, eh? 

She finally awoke around 9:45 and proceeded to get a tattoo. Lady Gaga sure knows how to throw a party! 

Have you tried this black perfume, Fame? I am so curious to see how it works and see what it smells like. 

Available now on Macy's! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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