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DKNY Sample Sale 2012

Aug 9, 2012 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Sample Sales

Hit up the DKNY Sample sale!

Why High Fructose Corn Syrup Makes You Fat and Why It’s Not Good for You!

Aug 9, 2012 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Food and Cocktails!, Health

My sister sent me this awesome article from MindBodyGreen that explains really simply, Why high-fructose corn syrup is making our country fat! I wish everyone would just try to cut down on processed foods a little more! It would make our country so much healthier and happier! 

Check out Why High Fructose Corn Syrup Makes You Fat!

Amazingly Easy Yet Delicious and Professional Homemade Dinner that Will Impress

Aug 3, 2012 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Food and Cocktails!, Recipes, Uncategorized


My husband came home yesterday after being away a few days and I wanted to welcome him back with a delicious homemade meal. He has been spoiled by delicious food his whole life. His mom who is one of the best cooks ever always has homemade meals on the table that are delectable. But it's hard to decide if she's a better cook or baker.  I'll call it a tie.

I decided to make one of our favorite meals that she makes us. I chose scallops because I had been dying to try and figure out how to make them for a while. I'll call them Nadine Scallops because she deserves credit for the recipe. So the dinner was Nadine Scallops, Burnt Broccoli and Roasted Garlic Oil and Poppyseed Pasta. This is definitely one of my favorite meals and it's pretty quick to prepare! So here's what you do:

Nadine Scallops

Combine a good amount of Fancy Paprika, Garlic powder, coarse black pepper and parlsley flakes (I also added a bit of Cayenne pepper and a smidge of Old Bay seasoning for a little kick). You pour all of these at the bottom of a dish and then add just enough olive oil to turn it into a paste. Then roll your little scallops around and get them nice and pasty. Then throw them on the grill or pan fry for about 3-5 minutes per side depending on the heat. 

Nadine Burnt Broccoli

Preheat oven to 350. Cut broccoli up into small pieces trying to make the cuts flat so that you can lay them flat on the pan (as opposed to just breaking the florets off, which are round and won't all touch the pan). Put broccoli in a bag and shake around with enough olive oil to cover it. Spray a cookie sheet with olive oil or pam and put in the oven for a few minutes. When the pan is hot place the broccoli, flat side down. Sprinkle with a little salt and sugar. I also added a touch of garlic powder. Cook until the edges brown, the bottoms burn slightly and the broccoli is soft. (About 20-25 minutes)

Nadine's Garlic Oil Pasta

Cook any noodle of your choosing (Me, being crazy used organic brown rice rotini). To make the roasted garlic oil take a head of garlic and peel each little clove. Put the cloves in a glass or stone pan and immerse in olive oil. Roast at 325 F for about 30-45 minutes. You want to be careful not to burn the garlic. Cover the noodles in the oil. Add a pinch of salt (although Nadine doesn't use any and it always tastes good. Ross just likes a little bit). Add poppy seeds and toasted slivered almonds. Mix and serve!

There you have it! Three of my favorite recipes from one of my favorite people in the world and definitely one of the best cooks! Enjoy and serve for your favorite people in your life!

Dove Men’s Care Deodorant Review: Worst Deodorant Ever

Aug 3, 2012 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Beauty


This summer has been a scorcher in NYC and about a billion percent humidity.  Add in my 3.5 mile walk to work in the morning and you can imagine that things get real serious. Anyway, for the past year or so I have been using Dove Men Care deodorant. I use the variety that doesn't have antiperspirant, it just has deodorant. Yes, I'm one of those people who thinks that aluminum isn't good for you. I'm sure that doesn't surprise many of you. All summer though I've been like SOOO hot. I kept telling my husband that I was just dying everywhere we went and that I felt like I was going through menopause because I felt like I was sweating to death ALL the time. Cut to my trip to Cleveland, I am at the mall with my sister and mom and my sister tells me that she borrowed my deodorant before we left because she couldn't find hers. She starts freaking out because she says that she feels like she's overheating and sweating. Well, I was overjoyed! Turns out my menopause was just my HORRIBLE deodorant giving me hot flashes and making me sweat all the time. Bottom line, don't use this horrible product! I'm a total idiot for not even considering this fact but I had been using it all winter without a problem (clearly because it wasn't hot). 

Anyway bottom line: Dove's Men Care Deodorant is horrible and makes you sweat! Since then I switched to Tom's Unscented roll on and things have been much cooler. And even though it's unscented, it still actually smells good.

*I have not been compensated by either company. I paid for all products mentioned herein.

Like a Boss…

Aug 3, 2012 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Giggles

Introducing: Melvita Naturalift Youthful Skin Cream

Aug 3, 2012 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Beauty


Who out there isn't looking for a miracle in a bottle to keep them looking young? Does anyone remember Death Becomes Her? Goldie Hawn, Merryl Streep? They find this anti-aging-miracle-in-a-bottle? Well that's what I'm looking for. 

Introducing, Melvita. Filled with beech buds, hibiscus seeds, camelina oil and argan proteins. This cream was born in France by a French biologist. The brand really pays homage to the pristine elegance of the natural world. Melvita has been a pioneer in organic beauty care and sticks to only the purest natural ingredients. 

Your skin feels immediately tighter. This, I'm told is from the Argan nut proteins. Combined with vitamin and mineral-rich Chestnut, Camelina and Saflower oils, the Alpine buddleia works as a powerful anti-free radical. The juice of a New Zealand fern, Mamaku, revitalizes the skin and fights against skin ageing, making this ‘wonder cream’ the star product of any skincare routine.

Pick yourself up a bottle on the Melvita website for $45.

Empire Records Cast Where Are They Now?

Aug 2, 2012 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Entertainment

I have a sick obsession with Empire Records. Ever since my best friend and I first saw it in high school, I can't get enough of it. Still. I couldn't get myself to sleep because I wanted to see Sugar High. So despite owning it on DVD and having seen it probably close to 100 times, I waited through the commercials to watch Renee Zellweger nail it and Liv Tyler have her epic freakout over speed. It was totally worth it. 

Then I found this article on Too Fab about what the cast of Empire Records looks like today! Find out what they've been up to and who has an Oscar. 

Check it Out if you're a total freak like me!

Damn the man, Save the Empire! Is anyone out there as obsessed with this teen cult classic as I am?

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