Introducing: Melvita Naturalift Youthful Skin Cream


Who out there isn't looking for a miracle in a bottle to keep them looking young? Does anyone remember Death Becomes Her? Goldie Hawn, Merryl Streep? They find this anti-aging-miracle-in-a-bottle? Well that's what I'm looking for. 

Introducing, Melvita. Filled with beech buds, hibiscus seeds, camelina oil and argan proteins. This cream was born in France by a French biologist. The brand really pays homage to the pristine elegance of the natural world. Melvita has been a pioneer in organic beauty care and sticks to only the purest natural ingredients. 

Your skin feels immediately tighter. This, I'm told is from the Argan nut proteins. Combined with vitamin and mineral-rich Chestnut, Camelina and Saflower oils, the Alpine buddleia works as a powerful anti-free radical. The juice of a New Zealand fern, Mamaku, revitalizes the skin and fights against skin ageing, making this ‘wonder cream’ the star product of any skincare routine.

Pick yourself up a bottle on the Melvita website for $45.

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