The Controversial OMG Diet is on Its Way from London to the USA!

Have y'all heard of this crazy new diet called the OMG! Diet. It's so nutso. The diet is about as stupid as it sounds. OMG! advises you on how to drop 20 pounds in 6 weeks so that you can look hotter than your "BFF." Whilst I can't blame girls (especially younger ones) for being tempted by such promises, most experts (unsurprisingly) do not endorse this extreme diet, which suggests starting your day with an ice cold bath, blowing up balloons, drinking coffee pre-workout and skipping breakfast. You know, pretty much anything that you find to be soothing and comforting–do the opposite! I'm all for dropping extra pounds and the diet does endorse a large veggie intake (except for broccoli) but the competitiveness that it tries to get you to be driven by (being better looking and skinnier than your friends), while effective and mildly humorous for someone of my age is a rather depressing and bleak way to encourage a healthy lifestyle among our teenagers. 

OMG! indeed!

Have you tried the OMG! Diet? 

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