Loving Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss–Hating the Back Camera on my iPhone!


It's a Saturday night and you need to rest up for your upcoming honeymoon, what do you do to prepare? Try out all the effing fabulous makeup that Smashbox sent over for you to sample. Today was my Mother-in-Law's fabulous 60th birthday party. It was a wonderful family-filled day of Amazingness! Now I am beat and had to come home and unwind after a fabulous day. I wore my favorite of all the glosses to the party today, Sultry. And sultry it is. It's super vampy but you can get away with it during the winter because even though it's dark it's very wearable because it's more about the shine than overwhelming color. If you want to sexify yourself even more you can put a dark lipstick underneath like Chestnut. Just be careful to blend them properly, otherwise you may look like an uneven clown. What better Saturday night is there than this? Oh, I guess hanging out with friends… tomato/tomahto… 


Loving each and every single one of these colors: (from left to right) Illume, Tabloid, Pulse, Radiant and then Sultry (rawrrrr!)


Another shot of these gorgeous shimmering lip glosses. 


Terrible iPhone photo. DIdn't realize the camera is not as great of quality backwards, my apologies 🙁 Here are pics of me in each from light to dark (as above)





See Sultry isn't so dark 🙂 Every single one of these babies is coming with me on my honeymoon! Let's go to Southeast Asia, ladies!!

What is your favorite lip-gloss du juour? 

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