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As many of you know I'm preparing for my honeymoon to Southeast Asia, I know it sounds ridiculous to stress about but figuring out what makeup essentials to pack has been worrying me. Two and a half weeks of wanting to look sexy with uber limited suitcase space (which let's face it, packing for a weekend isn't one of my strong suits, let alone a 2 week journey!)

I had the brilliant idea to compile a Honeymoon Makeup essentials story for you all in case you had any upcoming trips that required you to pack light. Well, my friends over at Smashbox made is so effing easy for me, they sent me over Smashbox Cover Shoot, which comes with such amazing essentials. The set includes: 2 Photo Op Eyeshadow trios, cream cheek color, Full Exposure Mascara, Creamy lip color (Strike-a-Pose), an Eyeliner duo and Lip Enhancing Gloss (Tabloid). It even comes with a double ended brush for shadow and liner in one! Hello space-saver! Nevermind that I have 14 cover-ups, at last I have one fabulous brush that will be working double duty. I feel kind of bad for the other makeup companies who sent stuff because I honestly am set and don't even care to look at the other stuff. But you can't get a better deal than this, $68 for over $180 worth of makeup (and these are full-size products!)

The standout products for me were the Cream Cheek Color. It glides on so smoothly and gives the most gorgeous glowing coverage. Plus it's so tiny and you just need a small dab for each cheek! I also love the mascara-it's a very darkening mascara (which I happen to prefer to mascaras that only lengthen). I know that some people are into water-proof for the beach but I just find that its impossible to get off.

I do, however obsess over a good waterproof liner since I find these actually do stay on for days whereas most water-proof mascaras seem to almost stay waterproof but the part that leaks seems to like to stick right below your eyes for the entire day. Smashbox also has fabulous waterproof liners, Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner, that I'll be taking with me, I am especially in love with the Navy Blue. Is it a honeymoon essential? No, so I'll be traveling with the black, but when I get back watch out, these eyes will be lined to the nines in Navy Blue!

I'm also loving their matte Bronzer, Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte. I mean how can I be honeymoon ready in Southeast Asia without a good fake bake? I love this blush because the antioxidant-packed bronzer perfects and protects while creating a matte glow. I hate glittery bronzers. 

Check out my fabulous Cover Shoot! Holler!! I mean after all that's what vacations really are? Photo shoots with your loved ones with really really awesome backgrounds! Now I'll be photo-shoot-ready and screaming cheese!!

I love that Smashbox won't break the bank and they really specialize in photo shoots so you really get the most out of your makeup for home (or vacay) photo shoots, which let's face it is when it's most important (immortalizing your honeymoon for instance!)


For more makeup by Smashbox for your vacation or for Valentine's Day visit Smashbox.com

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