Mario Badescu: Do Their Facials Live Up to All the Hype? Mario Badescu Facial Review

After being somewhat disappointed after my last Bliss spa experience (the steam showers and sauna weren't working and the staff were rude and had no idea how to fix either) I vowed not to spend another nearly $200 for a mediocre facial just because I didn't know where else to go. So I called, desperate to get my skin fixed–and quick! With the honeymoon fast-approaching I really need to be camera-ready!

I was shocked to hear that facials start at only $65! The spa is located on 52nd street between 1st and 2nd avenue. The facilities are a little reminiscent of an efficiently run doctor's office, which I liked since I was on a mission today–get skin cleared up (rather than a day of pampering). My appointment was right on time, which I appreciated. You get changed quickly, then the facialist puts the steam machine on your face for about 10 minutes. Then–it's extraction time! Not my favorite part of the facial of course. Who wants their pores pinched until they pop? Be warned that Badescu facials are very aggressive with their extractions. They mean business. But in a good way. I had a Bliss facial about a month ago and she said that every pore I had was clogged and they just had not done a good job. After the extractions she applied a glycolic mask ($50), which is meant to help clear the skin, fade old marks, etc. She warned that it might tingle a bit. Last time someone said this to me at Bliss, I felt like my face was going to melt off so I was a little worried. However, it barely tingled at all. After this she applied the Vitamin C ($30) mask to accelerate healing since I told her I have a very important event next weekend–my mother-in-law's 60th birthday party!!! Yay!! I never want to show up at a party looking like I had just been butchered so she said this would help speed things along. This felt absolutely fantastic. It was a freezing cold mask but it helped calm my skin. 

Overall I loved my experience. I felt like my facialist was extremely knowledgeable and she could not have been nicer. Her name was Leah if you want to ask for her. Now I finally understand why celebs have been using Mario Badescu for all their facial needs. It's a no-frills spa, the rooms are not overly extravagant and the waiting room is definitely nothing special. But if you want a good facial at an extremely reasonable price then this is the place for you.

I went a little crazy in the product department–as I am so desperate to get my skin back to normal. This past month has been a little rocky in my personal life and my skin is showing that off. I picked up a bunch of products that I plan on using ASAP. They gave me an entire regiment, which I am excited to start. 

For more information about Mario Badescu's products or spa visit their website or feel free to ask me in the comments!!

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