Completely Bare Laser Hair Removal: Another Review

So I came in for some touch ups at Completely Bare today and realized I never told you the end results of my laser hair removal experience! I am happy to report that after 5 treatments I am about 85-90 percent hair free with no shaving. It's a dream. I would recommend this to anyone who does not enjoy a)shaving everyday, b)enjoys being smooth and sexy, c) does not enjoy razor burn or associate it with attractiveness. To me the only thing less sexy than shaving was having razor burn by your bikini line or under our arms. Nothing says I'm not a lady like razor burn. It basically screams, hey I am a hairy beast, I tried to disguise it and here is the evidence that the hair once was here. That said a few soft hairs do pop up once in a while but they are sparse and very easily shaved. Definitely nothing course like most people experience under their arms. I am the ideal candidate, fair skin and dark hair so if you fit that bill 

Added bonus: when you apply chemical filled deodorant it won't go directly into your bloodstream because you will not have to shave anymore!

I highly suggest hitting up Completely Bare if you want to shorten your everyday shower routine. I know I should be grateful not to have to worry for hair loss in women but ladies, we have it rough! 

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