Lorac Unzipped! Smooth as Suede! Best Eyeshadow Ever!


These are the world's best eyeshadows i've ever used! I love them! They are so soft and go on so smoothly. They are so shimmery and rich.

Get ready for the Unzipped collection by Lorac. These eyeshadows are phenomenal. They feel like suede. These bad boys are due to launch in January. I used to use my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick for eyeshadow but these are my new go-to. The colors are neutral and you can wear them to work or make them dramatic by using the dark rich browns in the creases. Definitely one of my favorite new products!

For more information about Lorac cosmetics visit their website.

*Product was given to Smartypanties for review but all thoughts herein are my own!*

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