Celebs Are just Like Us! haha Jessica Szohr Spotted Buying Rembrandt Deeply White Kit


I always wanted to have my very own column called that. Isn't it so funny in US Weekly when they do that? Celebs are just like US! Anyway, “Gossip Girl” star Jessica Szohr was spotted purchasing the REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE™ 2 Hour Whitening Kit at a CVS self check-out station in the West Village.

As Jessica knows, the REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE™ 2 Hour Whitening Kit—a fast, enamel-safe way to whiten your smile – is the perfect last-minute addition to your beauty routine this holiday season. Whether you need to freshen up with a quick pre-party whitening, or just want to keep your smile white despite all the coffee, hot chocolate and red wine, REMBRANDT® has got you covered!

The REMBRANDT®  DEEPLY WHITE™ 2 Hour Whitening Kit is available to purchase for $24.99 at food, drug, mass-market chain stores and specialty beauty retailers.


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