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It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…(Home Alone 2 Anyone?) Anyway, tonight I was treated to an early Christmas party by my absolute fave brand, Burt's Bees. I know I talk your ears off about how much I love and trust them. You know you love it almost as much as I love them. But back to my Christmas party. I walked into the most gorgeous loft (think the home from Something's Gotta Give and the kitchen from It's Complicated. Heavenly) and was serenaded with Christmas music and handed a spiked cider with a cinnamon stick! Now, for those of you who don't know me well and haven't been to this blog before, I am obsessed with Christmas. Yep, I'm THAT girl who can never wait for Christmas to come. ( I blame it on my heavy Disney upbringing. Disney after all is kind of like a year-round Christmas). The only thing that gets me through my depression after Halloween is over is the promise that Christmas carols will fill every inch of this island and that festive decorations will cover every storefront. So tonight was like, pretty much the best night of my life. And I swear it only got better as I was handed truffled grilled cheese, warm chocolate chip cookies, and mini-greek-salad-in-a-tomato canapés. 

I couldn't resist. I hope you play this video as you continue to read so you can get in the mood for the holiday season. Check out all of these beautiful products this season. It's incredible how Burt's Bees has really expanded into so many arenas. Their lotions and lip balms make the perfect stocking stuffers and their cremes and face washes are the perfect little splurge for yourself!



These were the fresh-baked oatmeal raisin cookies just to give you an idea of how amazing this party was. 


Oh Look, who is that in the mirror? It's moi! In the apartment's bathroom where the products were beautifully arranged just like I lived in this gorge 10 million dollar apartment! 


Here were all the classic Burt's Bees products! 


Look at this gorgeous holiday table! Don't you just wish your living room looked like this!


So here is where things got really good! We were given the most adorns tote bags. They said "Bee Merry and Bright!" I mean what could be cuter!? Then on top of a couple great holiday sets we were told that we could go shopping and fill our bags with whatever we wanted! Christmas party indeed! I swear I felt like a kid in a candy store! I nearly had to restrain myself from wiping my arm across each shelf and making a run for it! But my manners got the best of me and I tried to rein it in. I am most excited for the Acne treatment set that I snagged! Lord knows this adult acne has got to be put to rest before my sister's wedding next week! 





Holler! Check out this token menorah!


OMG! Baby Bee! Could anything be cuter. At first I was disappointed this wasn't in our blogger storefront…then I realized wait, Katie. You don't have a baby. You do not need this. What great timing though to learn about Burt's Baby care after reports came out that Johnson and Johnson's Baby Shampoo contains quarternium-15, which kills bacteria by releasing formaldehyde. So aggravating especially when you know that J&J can make safer alternatives (since in 8 other countries it uses a safer formula since their laws prohibit ingredients like these).


I call the stocking on the right with the Snowmen!


Christmastime with Burt's Bees is the best!!!

For more information about holiday gift sets that will be perfect for those someone special this season visit Burt's Bees online.

This holiday season Burt's Bees is also partnering with One Warm Coat to provide coats to those in need this winter. Join Burt on Facebok (now through December 31st 2011) for a Tacky Sweater Party. When you send in a pic of yourself in a tacky sweater on FB, Burt's Bees will donate $1 to One Warm Coat (up to $25,000). So be naturally nice this season and visit Burt's Bees Facebook page for other sweet giveaways! 

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