Foodie Fridays with a Vegan…Err Flexitarian! Best Kale Salad Recipe and Baked Bean Cornbread Casserole!

So I have so many haters out there who think that my vegan eating ways are offensive. But I have to say that once I make people try my food they ALWAYS think it’s spectacular! (Even my toughest critics!) Even though healthy eating is important to me, my inner fat girl just will not eat something unless it tastes amazing and usually means me cooking! You have to believe me when I say this salad is wonderful! It might even rival my favorite Lemon Parmesan Kale salad. You haven’t had a delicious salad until you’ve tried kale as the staple green! It stays so crunchy, even overnight. It’s perfect to pack for work. When spinach would wilt, kale stays intact.
Nutso for Kale Salad
I was inspired by Carrie On Veggie. I adapted it a bit but she was right! This is strangely addicting!! I changed the recipe up to make it a bit more salty and a little spicy too!  
I used curly kale (this is my fave for salads). You have to wash them and absolutely need a salad spinner otherwise the leaves completely change consistency when you try to chop them up. It’s weird, they start to taste like steamed kale, which I personally find offensive. So wash, dry and chop your kale leaves into the tiniest pieces possible, making sure to remove of course the leaves from the main vein in the middle (it’s too bitter).
Here’s what you need:
2 Large Heads of Curly Kale
2.5 Tbsp hemp seeds
1 cup water
1/2 cup raw, unsalted almond butter
Juice of 2 limes
2 cloves of garlic (minced very finely)
1 1.5- inch piece of ginger, grated or chopped so it mixes well
5 Medjool dates (Pitted)
1/2 tsp Low-sodium soy sauce
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
Squeeze of Sriracha Hot sauce (to taste)
Salt to taste (I added a bit)
Ground Pepper to taste
The deliciousness of this particular recipe comes from the combination of sweet spiciness and the saltiness.
Combine all ingredients (except kale) in a food processor and grind until smooth. Pour about dressing on the kale. Massage the dressing into the leaves with your fingers until they appear fully coated. Place in the fridge and let marinate for about 10 minutes so the dressing can fully absorb.
The sweet, salty, sour, spiciness of this is the most amazing kale salad yet! This also is a great salad to pack to go, as the kale really keeps well. Also feel free to add in other chopped veggies like carrots, peppers, onions, etc.
I also served this dish with a recipe I got from one of my fave bloggers, Oh She Glows! It is her Pumpkin Maple Baked Bean and Cornbread casserole. Look how beautifully it turned out! And the flavors mixed perfectly for the perfect Fall dinner!! I also added some Frank's red hot to her recipe to really make it pop. It strangely satisfied my craving for BBQ without a drop of meat or dairy!

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