Get Fabulous Fall Hair with Amika Travel Set and Hair Dryer

Y'all know my obsession with Amika styling tools. It gives you perfect waves in seconds flat. Seriously I have the thickest head of hair, I have had my hair Japanese straightened and I still don't need hairspray to hold the gorgeous curls Amika styling irons give me. No one can ever believe my fabulous homemade waves!

But I digress. The company was kind enough to send me the travel set and hairdryer to try out. I didn't want to get my hopes up too much considering how much I love their other products but I couldn't help myself and I waited eagerly each day after work for the mail, hoping I would get my new Amika loot.

I was not disappointed. This tiny little iron packed as much heat as its larger counterpart and I kid you not when I tell you that I could put this bad boy into a small, and I mean small handbag. The Mini iron is 100% solid ceramic styler with 0.5 inch floating plates. It's fabulous because you can throw this in your gym bag or overnight bag without being weighed down.

I was impressed by the power in the travel dryer as well. Most travel dryers just make alot of noise. This one though packed as much power as it did noise. The lightweight ionic travel fan harnesses the unique ionic and infrared properties of the tourmaline gemstone which eliminate frizz, static and reduces drying time while infusing moisture into the hair shaft.


I was shocked at how fantastic the dryer was. The new professional NRG drying system harnesses the unique ionic and infrared properties of the tourmaline gemstone. The dryer itself is so lightweight it really left my arm less tired than my go-to Super Solano.

The lightweight NRG dryer uses tourmaline-infused ceramic components to emit maximum negative ionic and far infrared energy, which eliminate frizz, static and drying time while infusing moisture into the hair shaft.

The company claims "The NRG drying system directs a concentrated amount of negative ions and far infrared heat onto large sections of hair for incredibly fast, even drying." I wasn't sure what I was going to think about this as someone who has more hair than most. I have to say that both me and my sister were noticeably impressed with how much this cut drying time. I'd say a good 4-5 minutes, which for me is a huge difference.

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