Soap Hope: Smell Good and Help Women Around the World

I got an email from a really cool company so I thought I'd share it with y'all! Soap Hope is a company with a purpose. That purpose is ending global poverty. As a leading online retailer of premium, all-natural body care products, Soap Hope, invests 100 percent of its profits each year into anti-poverty organizations around the world to empower women. They enable women to start and grow their own businesses through micro-lending.

Soap Hope offers healthy products online. They deliver them in an eco-friendly “Ugly Box,” that they make themselves, to cut down on cost and waste. It's essentially a cardboard box. They sell their products and with the profits they they invest every dollar into programs to help lift women up from poverty around the world. Not just a portion of proceeds but, every single dollar of profit that their customers generate goes to lift women from poverty.

Soap Hope, operates an online store where they sell high quality, all-natural soaps,lotions, shampoo and other personal care products (even cosmetics). All Soap Hope products, are 100 percent natural and free of artificial preservatives, fragrances, and colors. All products are paraben-free and all products are also cruelty-free. Soap Hope’s operations have been designed to minimize its environmental impact. They even use reclaimed cardboard, to package (the ugly box) and ship customer orders, saving cost to you, and the company.

Soap Hope has integrated responsible business practices into every aspect of its operations. First of all, they offer top quality, name brand and amazing products. Every product is 100% natural, healthful, wholesome and top of the class. They offer brands like, Indigo Wild, Pangea Organics and Zum, all names you will recognize, that offer top quality. I also love how they do all the research for you, so you know you are getting the best products at the lowest prices without all the legwork.  They even guarantee your satisfaction, with every purchase.

When I received my “ugly box,” I was skeptical but the homemade soap truly smelled wonderful. I love feeling wonderful and knowing that I am healthy and helping others! They even have “green” cleaning and laundry products.

Check out Soap Hope today!

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