Get a Truly Healthy Smile with Kiss My Face Toothpaste and Mouthwash!


Kiss bad breath goodbye! Achieving a healthy smile doesn’t have to come with a high price, thanks to Kiss My Face’s oral care value packs! For a beautiful smile, customers can buy two 3.4 oz. tubes of toothpaste for $8.99 (usually $5.99/tube) or buy two 16 fl. oz. bottles of mouthwash for the price of one at $8.99 for two!

I love this brand because the toothpaste is free of sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and artificial flavors and colors.  Instead the brand uses xylitol, aloe vera, olive leaf extract, peppermint oil and other healthy ingredients. They even use my fave, tea tree oil to act as an antiseptic.

 The toothpaste tastes surprisingly normal. I was a little worried it would be funky without all the usual ingredients but it was great! And the mouthwash was great because it didn't burn like the usual listerine horror. Instead I was left with fresh breath and no burning sensation!

The Kiss My Face Toothpaste and Breath Blast Mouthwash Value packs are available now on


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