Prevent Makeup Meltdown in the Summer Heat!


You know how it is… you shower, put on a fresh makeup, and step out the door. Heat and humidity smack you in the face. Within minutes your foundation can start to bubble with droplets. As much as we hate it, we ladies do sweat. When the heat is combined with SPF lotions, your standard makeup and other skin care, this can lead to a makeup meltdown. Makeup artist Susmta Pateloffers a “solid foundation” for keeping makeup intact during the summer. Susmta Patel is a multiple threat in the beauty industry as a licensed makeup artist, aesthetician, nail technician, hairstylist and waxing expert. Susmta was born in India and came to the US at the age of 20. Susmta has consulted for some of the beauty industries most prestigious brands such as Shiseido, Lancome, Versace, Christian Dior, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Laura Mercier and Clinique. 


If it is very humid or you feel it is then skip your regular moisturizer. Instead opt for one that is super light weight or cut it out all together and go straight to step two. Apply an anti shine primer to your t-zone. Next choose a light weightpigment rich foundation or tinted moisturizer with an SPF. Rather than putting all over your face just apply to the areas that need it. Usually the central part of the face. Susmta says that, “Most women don’t need any on their forehead if they bangs. Alternatively, if your skin is looking good you may only need a touch of concealer here and there.”

Pores a problem? In the heat our pores can look obvious but they needn’t. Susmta suggests applying one of the many good pore minimizing products after you have put on your foundation. Gently pat it on, don’t rub. If you need to add color remember bronzer is not blusher. Give your skin a sun kissed glow by framing the face with bronzer. Apply a little at a time, across your forehead, under your cheek bones, along your jaw line and under your chin. “We always have that strange pale triangle under our chin whether we have a natural tan or a faux tan. So make sure you bronze there, says Susmta.

Add a pop of coral, pink or rose blush to the apples of your cheeks. A cheek stain will last the longest but they can be fiddly to use. To really get blush to last, layer it. Use a cream blush first then top it with a matching powder blush.

Eyes – Keep them simple. Susmta suggests using an eye primer to make the eyes look fresh. Then add a gel liner (these are long-lasting ) in your favorite shade along the base of your top lashes. Give the liner a shadow effect by smudging it with your finger. Finish with waterproof mascara.

Lips look great with a tinted lip balm. There are so many great shades to choose from. And the best part is they don’t bleed and they condition your lips.

Quick Fixes for Melting Makeup
Keep a makeup sponge and blotting paper in your bag. Use the sponge to smooth over any creases that develop, and then lightly dust the area with powder to set it. If your face develops a shine or patches of oil blot (don’t rub) with the paper. Bring your sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF formulation with you and apply regularly. Allow it to be absorbed before applying anything else, as otherwise it could help your makeup to slide away.

Special Occasion Summer Makeup
As much as we all would like to be makeup minimalists on sweltering days, special occasions do arise that call for a more finished face.

Prep skin with an oil-absorbing base. Use moisturizer only where necessary, and then smooth on a light lotion or primer designed to absorb excess moisture off your skin's surface. When you blend your foundation on top, it will stay seamless and smooth for much longer, even when you sweat. Be sure to set your makeup with powder, too; just leave your cheeks powder-free (or more lightly powdered) if you want to maintain a slightly dewy look. During the summer Susmta does not recommend Vitamin C serums or Retinoids under foundation. These are considered active products.

Layer your eye makeup. To keep liner and shadow from migrating amidst humidity and sweat, start with an eye shadow primer that works similarly to the foundation primers mentioned above (but formulated so as not to irritate your eyes). Then, use a clean eye shadow brush to dust on a bit of translucent face powder before applying your eye makeup. When you're done, dust on one more layer as extra insurance, to really set the color.

.Mist on a setting spray. When your face is fully finished, lock the makeup in place by spritzing on a spray designed to help offset the effects of heat and humidity. Finally, be sure to tuck some blotting papers in your clutch so you can sop up oil and sweat during bathroom trips without wiping off your meticulously applied makeup.

In the summer eyeliner can be tricky business. We were sunglasses more and sweat gets into our eyes. Here are some tips Susmta offers:
Choose an eyeliner that is less likely to smear. Buy a water-proof or smear-resistant formula. Liquid eye liner can be applied more accurately and you are less likely to have to remove any excess. Consider buying an eyeliner sealant. This liquid product is mixed with powdered eyeliner and applied with an eyeliner brush.

Prepare your face before applying your eyeliner. Begin with a clean face. Oiliness around the eye encourages eyeliner to travel. Apply a coat of translucent powder underneath your eye.

Apply your eyeliner as usual.

Sweep away any extra translucent powder from under your eye with a fluffy brush. Seal your eyeliner by using an eye-lining brush coated with eye shadow of the same shade as your eyeliner. The powdery formulation will lock the eyeliner in place. Translucent powder will also work to seal your eyeliner.

Use oil-free foundations and concealers near your eyes in order to prevent melting eyeliner.

While it is important to look your best over the summer, worrying too much about your makeup will stop you and those around you from having fun. Taking steps to ensure you don’t have to worry about melting makeup will help you to have a stress free summer


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