Spanx Activewear! Workout Gear that Makes You Look Skinny!

Ever had the thought, “Can I wear Spanx to the gym under my clothes?” I mean you’re wearing spandex at the gym, your tightest clothing and your flab is left unconstrained! Doesn’t seem right, huh? Well, the heavenly ladies over at Spanx have solved your problems—They did the unthinkable and came out with workout gear! Just when you thought they couldn’t help you anymore, they’ve done it with a fantastic line of power pants that flatten your tummy, pants that firm your figure, the ultimate workout top that makes you appear slim, and even workout socks (no they don’t make your feet look skinny!)


Spanx sent me a top to try out and I was so impressed. First of all don't be wary that you won't be able to breathe, because the tops are just made to make you appear slim, it doesn't actually suck you in like typical Spanx products. While I did look quite slim (if I do say so myself), the feeling is one of lightness, airiness and breathability rather than a feeling of tightness, which is perfect because who wants to feel smothered while your sweating your butt off! 


Check out the new collection on and enjoy free shipping until the end of September—no BUTTs about it!

Stay tuned, we should have a giveaway in the near future for one lucky reader!


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