Salon Review: Someone Got a Visit from the Hair Fairy!! Warren Tricomi Salon Knows What’s Up!

In an attempt to get primped and pretty for my big day, which is less than a week away I figured a trim was in order. I have to say, before Warren Tricomi I was known to frequent some cheapie salons since I just had a blunt (read:boring) haircut. I look like a 70s poster-child with my long, straight, locks. I even told my stylist at Warren Tricomi this past weekend that I cut my own bangs in the past (initially, not just trimmed) and he looked so horrified.

Anyway, let's make this review short and sweet. They insisted I get some long layers and against my instincts, I let them. They look so fabulous and natural. I knew that in a place like Warren Tricomi I had to let my stylist, Craig (LOVEEEEEE him!) do what he does best. We saved a more exciting haircut for a later date. Perhaps some bangs after all my sisters' weddings are done but none before! 

The salon itself is beautiful and immaculate. The staff is friendly as can be, which is unusual in such an upscale salon. Haircuts are actually affordable to, starting at about $130 (hey I live in the city I know some of you must think that's crazy!)

Anyway, if you are in the need for a change I would recommend Warren Tricomi 1000 times over. I am so picky about my hair and wouldn't trust many places the week before my wedding. They are professional and truly know what they're doing. The Upper East location is so convenient too for us Upper Easties. 

Have you tried Warren Tricomi? What do you think?

PS- Did anyone get the Meet the Parents reference? 

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