Bliss Spa: Microdermabrasion, What to Expect When You’re Exfoliating!

I always arrive to my facials at Bliss a little early to ensure that I have time to wash up in their glorious bathrooms (complete with Bliss products). I always wash my face to make sure that I remove all my makeup before they start. This time I even took a steam shower to open my pores up even more. Then it was off to the relaxation room. I was greeted by my technician after filling out forms regarding my medical history, oh yeah and binging on about 6 mini- brownies, for all you math whizzes out there, that’s about 3 regular brownies. But truth be told my favorite is still the lemon water. I arrived in my room and lay down on the table. My tech then began to prep my skin after I changed and removed all my jewelry (remember to leave it in your locker, they have bowls in the room but you don’t want to forget it.)

They do the microdermabrasion procedure before the actual facial. First they cleanse your skin again to remove any remaining oil or makeup. This ensures a more effective procedure. Then they cover your eyes since they use a very bright light to ensure they reach every pore. The microdermabrasion doesn’t take very long at all. Just a few minutes really. The technician uses a handheld device that sprays very fine particles onto your face while simultaneously vacuuming them off. This really is just a highly effective way to exfoliate the top layers of skin. This is not painful at all. No anesthesia is required. Once the skin is treated my technician proceeded to do the usual extractions. She was great, I’m not gonna say I love this part, but she was as gentle as she could have been given the situation. Microdermabrasion helps exfoliate, which leaves your skin soft and with your fine lines looking a bit diminished.

Bliss is one of my favorite places for a facial because while they prep your skin and let the products absorb they give you a light body massage that will coax anyone into relaxation, even this stressed bride-to-be!

After your microdermbrasion you should allow yourself time before you need to wash your face so that the products may really soak in. Your skin will definitely look a little greasy and it will almost certainly be a little red. Even though it’s not anything too crazy, I wouldn’t plan on meeting anyone for a date right after. However, the redness or swelling for me was gone by the next day when I woke up. Microderm is sometimes called a “Lunchtime Peel” because it’ll get you back in your office in just one lunch break! My face was definitely acceptable to go back to work.

So what were my results you wonder? Well, after my first treatment I could see a slight difference in the appearance of my pores. I have huge pores (at least I think they are) that are quite visible. Especially when they get filled with plaque. Ewwwww!  So I had high hopes. My technician said that although I would see a difference after one treatment that I would have greater benefits (shocker) from more treatments. After the second session of microderm I saw a much larger difference. Like noticeably so that people have complimented my skin (which is def new territory for me!) I definitely have seen a diminished appearance of the fine lines I have. I also noticed that I had noticeably softer skin. So in sum, if you’re going to do this I would definitely invest in a second or multiple mini-micro sessions to add on to your facial, or the full session of microdermabrasion. It’s awesome before a big event. Just leaves you feeling a little more confident in your own skin.

To check out more information about Microdermabrasion bisit the Bliss website.

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