Natural Relief for Menstrual Pain and PMS: mn8 4 Period Pain!

I don't know about y'all but who doesn't suffer from PMS? Bloating, cramping, aches and pains, acne, etc. I've tried Advil, Midol, and chocolate, and nothing has really worked. I tried mn8, a magnetic device you clip in your knickers a couple days before your period is due to arrive and it's supposed to help with all types of PMS symptoms. May be TMI but you can even place it in your bra to reduce tenderness in that area.

mn8 uses a magnetic field in the pelvic region to hhelp improve circulation, thereby relieving cramps and reducing lactic acid. I'm not going to say that mn8 eliminates everything, but that my usual PMS symptoms were seriously subsided!

It's very discreet, and doesn't show at all.

It ain't cheap, it's $49.95 and can be purchased on But if you're like me you've probably spent far more than that on pills, heating patches etc. so if you're looking for a natural cure this could be the way to go!

PS it's a pretty pink color!

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