Spring 2011 Nail Trends: Urban Bloom with Dashing Diva


With the upcoming nuptials I have been keeping my ring in perfect shape and have been focusing on making my nails look perfectly manicured to show it off. My favorite nail polish trends this spring are Dashing Diva's Urban Bloom collection.

I’m really stuck on Dashing Diva polishes, which are Toulene, BPA and formaldehyde free.

They also last the longest! Seriously they stay on much longer than Essie or OPI. The formula is thick enough that it's not runny but not too thick that it's difficult to apply. The colors are beautiful, bright and make me dream of a day when the sun will shine!

Please forgive me, I have borrowed swatches from Vampy Varnish because my camera cord is missing and I can't upload any photos right now! Thanks Ms. Varnish!

New colors from the collection feature

So Much Melon-Drama


I Lilac Nothing


This collection will be available beginning in May. 

Visit DashingDiva.com to taste the rainbow of sexy colors.

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