Spanx Fall 2011 at Fashion Week! Most Comfortable Strapless Bra That Actually Stays Put!

Me Living it up in the SPANX suite during Fashion week.

This past week I had the divine pleasure of meeting with the Spanx team during Fashion week to discuss their Fall 2011 Line. The usual suspects were there, slips that suck you in, panties that cinch in that pooch, an updated version (complete with adjustable straps) of their most comfortable bra ever!

This year though I have to say I was more impressed than ever! SPANX is introducing dresses and skirts that you can wear out that encompass their fabulously flattering technology to make your body look bangin'!

My favorite item this year has been something I have been constantly searching for, the perfect strapless bra that will stay put! It seems no matter how many strapless bras I invest in they are endlessly disappointing me. 

The new Bra Cha Cha, as SPANX has lovingly named its Most Comfortable Strapless bra that stays put, is contoured to your body to ensure that it won't move a millimeter! You can wear it out on the town or under your camisole to a meeting in the office. I wish I wasn't an attorney and could feel comfortable putting a pic of me in my skivvies online, but I can't. But I have to tell you I wore this bra around all afternoon under my sweater and I did not think twice about it and the shape was completely natural. It also doesn't give that hideous bump at the top like most Victoria's Secret strapless bras do, you know it's like gaping away from the top and pushes out at the top of your shirt. It's completely unforgiveable. Luckily for Victoria's Secret, until now we didn't have another option. Now you do. I'm telling you, it'll be the best $68 you ever spend. I don't take that lightly either. I realize almost $70 for a strapless is not easy to part with for an undergarment but I happen to love this bra. I also happen to have gotten it for free but you better believe I will be purchasing one in nude as well!  

Next, Bod-A-Bing! Comfort never looked this good. This line is full of wardrobe essentials with a secret slimming liner to make getting dressed a cinch!!

This Jackie dress is only $80 and you won't have to invest in any other undergarments to hold you in. 

They also had their patterned body-shaping pantyhose , which are what I started loving SPANX for in the first place. This pair particularly caught my eye!

The back seam really elongates the look of the legs. I think they're so sexy!

The other thing I got excited about was that Assets (SPANX's cheaper sister line) is introducing a less expensive swim line, which will be sold in Target. More info on that to follow!

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