What Oil Should You be Cooking With, and Which Should You Avoid?

Did you know that you should NOT be cooking with olive oil? Me neither! Until my friend enlightened me this past weekend. It's terrifying actually. Apparently the best oil to use when cooking at high temperatures is coconut oil. Surprised? Me too. Although olive oil is a great option, it is not to be used for cooking. After all these years coconut oil was given such a bad rep, turns out it's the best way to go. I used it tonight for the first time. It's a little intimidating because it's a solid at room temperature but once you open the can you'll fall in love. It has a sweet coconut smell and a very light coconut taste. I cooked coconut curry vegetables so I'll let you know how it goes when I cook something less complimentary to the coconut.

Check out this article about why you should use coconut oil. It is a MUST read by Dr. Mercola! A very educated doctor.

Also of note in the article, do not use other vegetable oils like canola or plain ol' vegetable oil. These too have a very low heat index. Also they're super processed. Think of them like the other white bread.  

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