Trendy Holiday Hairstyles 2010 Made Easy!

Get your party-ready hairstyles for every occasion. Whether you’re attending a holiday cocktail party or grabbing a cocktail to escape holiday parties, perfectly styled hair is a must. Expert stylist Edward Tricomi of the Warren-Tricomi Salon explains what looks work for the season and how to achieve them:


THE LOOK: Festive French Twist

Instantly create this look for any holiday party. Start by using an extra-strength hairspray all over your hair.  Next tease around the crown of the head with a fine toothed comb.  Next, pull the sides back and smooth back with a soft-bristled brush, then twist hair while rolling under to create a French twist.  Re-tease the top hair that was left out of the style and create a bouffant on the top of the head and secure the hair at the further crown of the head with hair pins and create the ultimate holiday look. 



THE LOOK: Romantic Long Waves

“This glammed-up, romantic evening look is easier than most women think,” assures Tricomi. “All you’re doing is taking hair and making it wavy—no updo or pins needed. To get this look, spray hair with hairspray to protect hair from heat and sculpt waves. Then set hair in large Velcro rollers or hot rollers to create an accentuated wave and remove after 10 minutes.  Finish by rubbing some gel or pomade on flyaways to keep hair sculpted and matte, but still soft and manageable.”



THE LOOK: The Undone Up-do

Holiday hair doesn’t have to be sleek and smooth—break the rules with this tousled look. Start by spraying a volumizing spray on damp hair at the roots and hairline before blow drying.  Next, use a barrel curling iron to create loose waves, shaking them out to create texture.  Twist small sections of the hair in the front and pull them back, securing with hairpins.  Do the same with pieces in the back, without making it too symmetrical or perfect. Lastly, finish with a flexible hold hairspray to hold this holiday style all night.

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