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Henri Bendel Friends and Family Coupon Code and Printable Coupon for 20% Off

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Henri Bendel Friends and Family! Enjoy!!

Kim Kardashian’s Store, Dash NYC Opening Ends in Arrests

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The Kim Kardashian and sisters, Khloe and Kourtney are one step closer to world domination now that they opened a branch of their store, DASH! in NYC yesterday. The store seems like more of a fraud as if they really have a job even though really, they’re said never to be on the premises unless they’re filming. What else is new though? Not really a surprise anymore that Reality TV is less real and more crappy TV. Okay, I love it but that’s neither here nor there.


Since the Kardashian sisters will take any reason to walk a red carpet, natch they were at the opening party last night vogue-in’ it up for the cameras. Of course the soiree was not open to the public but nevertheless tons of New Yorkers showed up. A special task force had to be called to control the crowd. Arrests were even made! How ridiculous! Really, ladies? You’d risk getting arrested for the Kardashian sisters?

Reasons Not to Run a Marathon!

Nov 5, 2010 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Health

With the NYC marathon coming up this weekend people are getting all excited in anticipation. Why? I don’t know. I’ve never personally understood why people think it’s a good idea or an accomplishment. Would I decide to eat 26 apples in a row as fast as I can and then toot my own horn when I finished? One of them is good for me, yes, 26, NO! I mean, marathon running is terrible for your body, it does permanent damage to your knees and your heart. I’ve just never understood the charm. It actually seems pretty self-indulgent. Yeah, yeah there is the charity aspect of it and I get it but why can’t people just donate money to charity? Why does it need to be in honor of their friend who will probably need a knee-replacement? When I got home tonight I Googled “10 Reasons Not to Run a Marathon” and shockingly could not find too many articles. But then I found one by some random dude. But guess what, random dude did his homework and documented it with studies. You should check out his article, 10 Reasons Not to Run a Marathon. Some of them include spine degeneration, cardiac dysfunction following ultra-endurance exercise, acute and severe muscle damage. According to the American College of Cardiology, “the chances of an endurance athlete suffering an acute heart attack or sudden cardiac death during or shortly after an event are about one in 50,000. Yeah, something to look forward to. Hasn’t anyone heard of doing everything but in moderation? Do you know that according to “Wellsphere,” an average of 6 people die a year in marathons? Anyway, if you’re running this weekend I wish you luck. You’ll need it. Be careful and stop if you’re starting to feel yourself deteriorating…

Get Married Magazine Hits Stands

Nov 3, 2010 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Entertainment

You can get a free issue of Get Married magazine by clicking the link and going to the pink tab that says "sign up for your free Get Married Magazine."

I got an issue and I love it. It has amazing wedding advice and features real brides and cute weddings instead of the usual cheese that fills bridal magazines. 

“The Winter issue strives to be the place for brides to get ideas, get a plan and get all they need for their wedding and life together, and we do this in a way that is both inspiring and attainable,” said Stacie Francombe, founder and editor-in-chief of Get Married Media. “As a resource that delivers real solutions to really passionate brides, including a diverse group of weddings and themes, the new Get Married magazine offers all the trends that a bride wants to see, know and shop that will make her wedding extraordinary and unique.” Annual subscriptions (4 issues) available for $14.96.

Exclusive Discount Offer from!

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Just in time for the holidays, save 10% on your entire order from  Sexy Lingerie Shop now through December 31, 2010. Use Coupon Code SMARTYPANTIES! Holla!

Sponsored Post: Social Media Sweeping the Internet

Nov 3, 2010 Author: Katie Lara | Filed under: Cheap Thrills

Hold on to your credit cards, ladies, NBC is open for business and has a fabulous website, Crazy! I'm not always the first person to make big ticket purchases online because you never know who you're dealing with, but buying from a reputable company like NBC would make it a little easier.

Social media has really changed the way that we shop. Even companies like ShopNBC are getting onboard. NBC, people! You can get short, timely updates from the ShopNBC Twitter page every day. Also, you can learn about promotional giveaways and sales on the ShopNBC Facebook page, which is awesome for those of us who can't stay off the FB while we're at work. You can even watch ShopNBC on YouTube see behind the scenes footage.

And speaking of social media, don't forget to register for Smartypanties Facebook, Twitter and Daily Email subscription on the top right of our page!

Catherine Malandrino Sample Sale

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November 10th – 12th 
at the Metropolitan Pavilion 
123 West 18th Street

What: Sample Sale featuring 
and for the first time – 
MALANDRINO Runway collection 

Where: Metropolitan Pavillion
123 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

November 10th – 12th Wednesday – Friday 8AM – 8PM daily

  • Blouses were $395… now $95
  • Skirts were $275… now $65
  • Dresses were $525… now $155
  • Leather Jackets were $1,200… now $295

Make sure to check out the attached images.

Cash and all credit cards accepted.

  • RSVP to to receive an additional 10% off!
  • Score a gift certificate to Catherine Malandrino NYC boutiques:
    • $25 when you spend $250
    • $75 when you spend $500
    • $125 when you spend $1000
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