Completely Bare Laser Hair Removal Opens New Location in Rockefeller Center

Get ready to bare it all, ladies. My favorite laser hair removal treatment center has opened another location in the gorgeous Sports Club/LA location in Rockefeller Plaza in NYC. Now it's even easier for me to get touch-ups with this centralized locale. You know I've been documenting my laser hair removal experience each time I go but imagine my excitement when I heard that they were giving away one free treatment (*to anyone who could get an appointment). I quickly ran in for a touch up on my bikini area (pre-Costa Rica!) and got to check out the new space. Well, as you can imagine, Sports Club/LA is a drool-worthy gym facility where they give you workout clothes for each sweat-sesh. I tried to choke back the tears visualizing myself at the ghetto-NYSC I frequent during my lunch hour. I was lead down through the locker room into the treatment room. I have to say, it's not quite the same spa experience you get at other locations (since you do go through a locker room) but it's still immaculate and modern, which makes you feel comfortable. The laser they used on me was different than the one I've been testing out at the 5th avenue location, which is one pulse of light that shoots all the folicles at once. This laser shot each hair one at a time. I am told they do the same job and that it's just a personal preference but if you get to choose, I'd definitely go for the one that does the one pulse, I find it to be less painful. But that's just me, I'm more of a rip the band-aid all off at once kind of girl. The good thing about this laser though is that the hairs don't seem to be frozen in place after the treatment for as long. We had a friend of ours call up and get an appointment too, a male friend might I add. He did the laser treatment for his back. Here's the good part, he said it wasn't painful at all (as I would imagine it to hurt far less than my inner thigh!) but the somewhat ridiculous part? CB considers the back to be three separate parts–the shoulders, the upper back and the lower back. That can really run you a large bill considering that each treatment area for the upper back alone is $425. I know that it's techinically way more skin than a bikini area but it still seems a bit much. But you know what it still costs less over timei probably if your hubby is waxing his back all the time…or not enough…at least this will get rid of it for real. I'll keep you posted on how the treatment works for my friend!
The new rooms are great and the location is fab. I'd definitely check it out if you work or live near the Rockefeller Center area. As always the laser hair removal is top notch and I am always impressed with results.
Check out the new location at:
Completely Bare Spa
Sports Club/LA
45 Rockefeller Plaza, Entry Off Plaza
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