Completely Bare Review: Number Four: A Complete Account of Laser Hair Removal

You know I've been documenting my Laser Hair Removal reviews and I just had my fourth treatment done. So far the results have been fantastic. I still have two more treatments to go and I have had to keep postponing my appointments because the hair hasn't been growing back enough. Too much information? Nahh, that's why you're here right? Anyway it's been really working. I'll keep you posted as I continue on my hair removal journey.   My only advice thus far is that if you make an appointment to come to a Completely Bare Salon make sure that you don't shave before your appointment. Some of the machines require a little stubble and my appointment has been thwarted once because of my having just shaved that morning when I wasn't supposed to. I mean I didn't want to come in with hairy pits. Gross. But you should. Or at least call ahead to see what your specific machine requires. 

Enjoy shaving while I'll be enjoying that extra time each and every morning! Mwah!

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