Asian Medicinal Herbs Collide with Skincare to Make the Perfect Remedy: See How at Bergdorf Goodman


For centuries, traditional herbs have been used in Asian medicine to provide an array of health and beauty benefits. On November 15th, two leading experts in Asian medicinal herbs are revealing how to incorporate the traditional remedies into everyday living: leading acupuncturist and clinical herbalist Jill Blakeway and legendary Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo.


Founder of the YinOva Center, a destination for family wellness through acupuncture, herbal treatments and massage therapy, Jill Blakeway specializes in using the power of Asian Medicine to heal and balance the body inside and out. A former professor of Asian Medicine and a highly regarded acupuncturist and herbalist, Blakeway brings 3,500 years of Asian wisdom to bear on issues that effect contemporary women, from skincare to hormonal imbalances.


Sulwhasoo is founded on the belief that the body’s energies change every seven years, falling out of balance at 35. As vital energies weaken, skin becomes prone to dryness and significantly more vulnerable to the aging process. Blending indigenous medicinal herbs through traditional Korean methods, Sulwhasoo restores balance and strengthens the energies that are crucial to younger-looking skin.


In partnership with SulwhasooBlakeway will meet with consumers to answer their questions about Asian medicine and highlight some of the proven benefits of traditional herbal remedies, including the effects of medicinal herbs in skincare. Blakeway will reveal how the potent herbal blends used in Sulwhasoo’s renowned skincare treatments draw on ancient wisdom help correct imbalances and restore youthful radiance.


WHO             Jill Blakeway and Sulwhasoo


WHAT            Personal Appearance with Jill Blakeway

Clinical herbalist, leading acupuncturist and former professor of Asian Medicine


WHERE          Bergdorf Goodman

                        Beauty Level Café


WHEN           November 15th, 2010


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