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I had the pleasure the other night of meeting supermodel, Cindy Crawford to discuss her infomercial line, Meaningful Beauty.  Before I go on, I just must say that Cindy is not human. She was so beautiful up close that I think I could just not stop staring. After seeing her in person I can assure you that she is not airbrushed. She was charming and clad in a Roberto Cavalli dress, which she said she got flack for behind the scenes for the dress’ S&M look.


But I digress, this post is not about Cindy’s everlasting beauty. So, to the issue at hand, Meaningful Beauty. So, here’s the deal, I have never been one for informercials, usually they turn me off and make me think that a product is crappy. However, I started whistling a different tune after I purchased the Bullet, which I still, one year later, am obsessed with. Enter open mindedness. Especially when you’re meeting with Cindy Crawford’s celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh.  Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh is one of Europe's premier anti-aging specialists. Celebrities, models and socialites flock to his exclusive offices in London and Paris to experience Dr. Sebagh's renowned anti-aging skin treatments. Basically, Cindy used to go to him back in the day but during her busy schedule she couldn’t always fit in a visit. She jokingly said, “Can’t you put your stuff in a bottle?” And poof, beauty empire abounds!


Cindy (you know, my BFF Cindy) grew up in the Midwest, with two sisters in a not-so-privileged household. She has made it her business to help others learn from the privileges she’s been afforded. She’s made workout videos for those who can’t afford a trainer, and now she’s made a product for those who can’t afford a visit to an expensive dermatologist. 


Dr. Sebagh, a most charming Frenchman, explained with sincerity and honesty that the French are famous for, that there is only so much you can do for your skin, which ages in 3 ways.  The fat decreases, which is why people get injectables, the muscles get older, which is why people use Botox, but he said that still the surface needs to look good, the texture needs to stay soft and supple and that’s where Meaningful Beauty products can help.


Cindy’s regiment with the products goes like this: Cleanser, then Glycolic pads (somewhat similar to Stridex pads but with Glycolic acid), the Daily moisturizer, then at night she cleanses, uses the serum, then the night moisturizer and when she’s really dry she’ll use the extreme moisture mask. Cindy swears by the brightening serum too. She said it makes your makeup glide on and your skin glow! I can’t wait to try out the products!


My last advice I’ll leave you with that Dr. Sebagh gave us to keep our skin looking like Cindy is not to YoYo diet. He said that’s the roughest thing on your skin. All the stretching and sagging will leave you looking older. So keep a weight and stick to it! More to come after I try all these fantabulous products!

 The products are available 24/7 on Plus, they’re going to be available at Sephora starting on October 4th so you can bypass all the infomercial stigma and pick ‘em up on either!

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