Bob’s Discount Furntiture Review

A few weeks ago I ventured up to the new Bob's Discount Furniture store in Manhattan on the Upper Easy. A co-worker had recommended it to me and I had no idea what to expect. The Fiance and I had been looking to buy a new dresser or two for our bedroom but we were so overwhelmed by the prices that it made us think twice. I know I sound like an uber cheesy commercial but I am so happy we went. The furniture is obviously not Pottery Barn caliber but I was thoroughly impressed with their selection. Everything looked absolutely stunning. It did not look cheap at all. Yes, some pieces were NOT my style, but I have to say, nothing in the whole store looked cheap.

We ended up purchasing 2 dressers from the Vodara collection. It looks gorge-ie in our b-room.

One was $399 and the other was $299. The best part? It comes fully assembled for nearly the same price as Target or Ikea. No joke, a very similar dresser at Ikea was only $100 less than this and you had to put it together (or hire someone) yourself. Let me just tell you, I happened to be one helluva handyman (woman) but dressers are not easy to put together. If you're off (or if the crappy Chinese made materials are defective) the dresser will never sit right and the drawers will never slide properly ( I think my lil Sis still never forgives me for putting her dresser together so shottily).

Anywho, highly recked from over here at Smartypanties. Great quality and great price. Delivery is $100 but you pay about that much on or Ikea.

Visit for more information or to find a location near you! We heart Bob! And our sales associates Nikita and Jean-Claude. Such sweethearts.

And no, I did not receive any discount or special treatment for this review. Just wanna get the word out!

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