Thinspiration: Strange Workout Motivation from a Skinny Bitch

So, last night was the series premiere of what may be the funniest show ever, HUGE, starring Nikki Blonsky.  Okay, I'm sorry, I'm a skinny bitch but it was hilarious. It was also mildly heartwarming but it's just too hard to get past the ridiculousness. I'm not heartless or making fun of overweight people in life but the show is just absurd. I apologize to those of you who I offend but the show is hilarious. And not in the way the creators probably imagined it would be. The show is about teenagers at Fat Camp. Well, Nikki Blonsky, aka Will, is a total badass on the show, which you just can't help but laugh at. She is also a contraband dealer of sugary foods that are banned. She sits with a backwards hat, sucking on a lollipop and selling sugary treats in ziplocs to all the other kids who are starving for treats at a camp full of veggies. There were so many other funny one liners too. "No Seconds!" My personal fave was when Nikki B did a striptease accompanied by her own stripper music that she sang and stripped off down to her skivvies. Or maybe my fave part was when NB was "running" away from camp but she's in such bad shape that she couldn't run so she has to walk  and take breathing breaks as quickly as she can to escape.


Sidenote, I did glean inspiration from the strenuous 3 hour workouts they put the kids through. So this morning when I went for a run in Riverside park I pushed myself harder. What also got me running? The rat that appeared as I ran by an overturned garbage can. That literally made me sprint!

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