Amika Home Styling with Professional Quality: Get Olivia Palermo’s Hair at Home!

OMGGGGGGGGG!!! I'm sorry, look at my hair. So this pic above is when the amika stylist did it for me but amika home styling tools are where it's at. amika's focus is on letting girls do their own hair at home.  I don't know about you guys but I usually watch the Hills and the City and drool over Olivia and Audrina's big beautiful waves that look natural but that we know are the product of some serious styling behind the scenes.

The stylers come in a range of bold, high-design patterns from giraffe print to tatoos. 

If you're like me you thought that the Chi was the highest level of quality you could get.  I learned, however, not so! amika's flat irons and curlers use professional-grade technology.  Their stylers are made with 10% ceramic plates-not just athin coating like most others (and don't even try to go to the drug store you'll get straight up metal, which will really damage your precious locks). amika stylers feature infared heat, which seals moiture into your hair and protects the cuticle and also softens your strands. I'm telling you, I haven't seen my hair shine like this even after leaving the salon last weekend. My favorite part though is that the heat gets right to the root of your hair so you don't even need hairspray (which is my nemesis).

The curlers are clip free and are ready to use in 15 seconds.  And the curler is tourmaline, which provides a natural source of frizz-eliminating ions.

Let's talk girl talk. Remember the game girl talk growing up? Uch so amazing.  I digress. So check out the pic below. This is a pic of me attempting to curl my hair after being inspired by Olivia Palermo's perfect locks on the city.

Me(to myself): Wow, O's hair is so gorge. *Lightbulb* la la la! I own a super awesome curling iron after attending the amika event that is just dying to get out of its adorable little giraffe covered box. 

So, while Rossy-poo was in the bedroom on the phone with his friend I decided to attempt to do my hair super quick so I could surprise him when he came out. Now for those of you who dont know me, I have a massive amount of hair. Like, hairstylists can't even believe it. It's thick. That's just to give some street cred to how quickly amika got the job done. In 14 minutes flat I had styled my entire head into curls. Yes, they're not perfect. It is a learning experience. I did learn that you need to make sure to hold the hair up to the very tip otherwise the ends are straightened out. I also learned that I don't need to go all the way up to the roots because I look a lil Shirley Temple-esque. That aside, I mean it doesn't get much better than that.

Ross was also thoroughly impressed as was I.
Oh yeah and the iron comes with a glove so you don't burn your fingers holding the hair up to the iron (since it is clip free! so it can be crimp free too. Don't you just hate those little crimpies you get when you close the thingy down on it?)

Okay, so here comes the damage: The Curling irons start at $105 and go up from there.  They're not cheap but they actually work. Like I would actually wear my hair out even the first try I had at curling my hair. My Conair iron is literally going in the trashh!!


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PS: The curls lasted all the way until I went to the gym the next day and even after–WITHOUT any hairspray!! And hairspray is terrible for you so I eliminated all those toxins from my life and lungs!

Disclosure: Please be advised that Smartypanties attended an event for and received samples of this product for review. Our reviews are always honest, which is why we always want you to know all the facts!

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