25 Things You Don’t Know About Jamie Sanders: The Beauty Behind the Beauty of Life Blog

As promised I'm going to hit you with US Weekly Styled 25 Things You Don't Know About Moi Columns so you can get to know your favorite bloggers better. You read what we write, you trust our opinions but how well do you know us?

Check out this feature about Jamie Sanders, the Editor of the Beauty of Life blog.

Me: Jamie, what are 25 things we don't know about you?


1) I can’t cook. I’ve tried, but I seriously ruin everything. Every time I try to cook something, I think of Carrie from Sex and the City when she says, “I keep sweaters in my stove.” 

2) When I was little, I was really good at math! Up until 3rd grade, that is. I was doing long division ahead of the rest of my class. Then my darned 3rd grade teacher ruined it all. Now I’m lost without a calculator. 

3) I’m from the Midwest! I grew up in good ‘ol Cleveland, Ohio—and I knew the lovely Katie! 

4) My favorite TV shows of all time are Felicity, Sex and the City and Friends. I can quote every episode from the latter two. 

5) I still have all my Babysitters Club books from when I was a teenager. I think I have every one up through #72. 

6) When I was little, I thought I’d be a UN translator by day and a Broadway actress by night. 

7) The first European city I traveled to was Paris … and it was everything I hoped it would be. Definitely the most romantic city in the world. 

8) I started doing theater at age 4. My first role was the Youngest Royal Child in The King and I—I was carried on stage by the lady playing my mom. 

9) When I was 14, I played Annie in Annie. On opening night, while I was singing the end of “Tomorrow,” the dog pulled me off the stage. I have it on tape. 

10) I do my own manicures on Sunday nights while I watch TV. 

11) I once sang a featured solo with the Cincinnati Pops, conducted by the late Erich Kunzel. 

12) One of my very favorite books is Lord of the Flies. I reread it every couple of years to remind myself that no matter how bad I think things are, they could always be worse. 

13) I have a huge DVD collection. It’s well over 100 and includes a pretty great range of movies. Seriously, whenever people come over, they’re impressed. 

14) I’m obsessed with nail polish—specifically Chanel. At last count I had 32 bottles of Chanel polish and, while I haven’t counted my entire collection, it’s well over 200. 

15) I once shook the hand of John Stamos. 

16) If I ever met Robert Pattinson, I’m pretty sure I would scream and faint. 

17) I’m under 5 feet tall—but too tall to be in the Little People of America. 

18) August 10 marks my 8th anniversary of living in New York. 

19) Rebecca Minkoff is my favorite handbag designer of the moment. I have 3 bags but want about 25 more. 

20) I could get a massage every day and still not think it was enough. (Favorite places to get massages in New York include Jillian Wright Skin Care, Bliss, Spa Merge and Exhale.) 

21) I hate getting ready for the gym—but once I’m there, I love working out. 

22) When I was in high school, I ate so many French fries and potato chips that my best friend said I was going to turn into a potato. 

23) I have a Pez collection. It’s not huge, but it’s intensely cultivated and includes sets from Peanuts, Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz. 

24) I think I have about 100 shimmery peach lipglosses. I still haven’t found my favorite. 

25) I’m a fiercely loyal friend. If you’re in my inner circle, I will love you and cherish our friendship forever.

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