Fat Free Dessert Frenzy! Diet Coke Cake and Pudge Free Brownies in the Microwave

In the famous words of Randi on Idol, Yo, Yo, Yo….. Last weekend I had a pajama party with my oldest friend. Yep, I met her the first day of preschool and we've been friends ever since. Who knew that the first friend I made would end up being one of my favorites! Well, she's not just my soulmate because of her sparkling and sweet personality (though she is AMAZING). She also gives me the best tips on how to make the most amazing (and low fat) desserts. Perhaps you recall my fat free trifle? Oooohhh! Aaaaah! Yep! Unreal. So She now has turned me on to two other fat free dessert options.

1. Diet Soda Cake Baking and 2. Pudge Free Brownies made in individual servings. 

Option 1: Here is the Diet Soda Cake Recipe. It legit could NOT be easier. Basically, you just replace everything except the boxed mix with diet soda. And then you can frost it with Cool Whip!


1 box cake mix (any flavor)
1 diet soda (dark colored for chocolate cake, light colored for yellow or white cakes)
Fat Free Cool Whip (optional)

    Stir 1/2 to 3/4 of the diet soda into the cake mix. Bake according to box directions. Cool, and ice with Fat Free Cool Whip if desired.

    Option 2: Easiest. Recipe. Ever. All that you do is 2 tablespoons of Pudge Free Brownie mix and 1 tablespoon of fat free yogurt (or soda). Then you microwave it for 1 minute. It's unbelievable!

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