Lavera Naturkosmetik Made with Certified Organic Ingredients Best Eyeliner Ever!

I have a new obsession–Lavera's Eyeliner. It's honestly velvety soft. Ooohh. It gives the smoothest application without dragging or skipping. It's made with beeswax, vitamin E and natural pigments. In a nutshell it's awesome. The black is seriously awesome it's such a dark and rich color. I also checked it on the Cosmetic Database and it's got a great score (meaning it's safe and healthy to be putting close to your peepers!

I love the brand's makeup so much because they use certified organic ingredients whenever possible. They never use synthetic preservatives, dyes or fragrances. And especially no genetically modified ingredients or petroleum based ingredients. Do you know why that's important? Because your skin absorbs 60% of ingredients put onto the skin and it's absorbed into your bloodstream within 15 minutes.  

It's prob because they're a European company and those Europeans have got higher standards than us over here! 

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