Earth Day is just days away, so I wanted to share some information on what Burt’s Bees—one of our fave natural personal care companies—is doing to celebrate  Earth Day's 40th Anniversary! 
To celebrate the day Burt's Bees is making a nod to none other than their namesake and co-founder, Burt Shavitz. Burt is no newcomer to the green arena: The beard and spirit behind the earth-friendly company participated in the first Earth Day celebration four decades ago and has been living lightly on the planet ever since.  Did you even know he was a real guy? I sure didn't! Turns out he's this awesome dude who lives up in Maine, and unlike most corporate execs, he actually embodies what his company stands for! 
Burt has brought his love and respect for the natural world into the everyday practices of Burt’s Bees for 25 years, and now he’s encouraging New York locals to “Find Their Burt” by discovering the earth-friendly potential we all share.
On Earth Day, Burt’s Bees will be in New York offering up free samples and fruit smoothies powered by bike blenders.  Burt’s Bees look-a-likes will be inspiring the crowds to adopt some “Burt” habits and facial features—beards!! 
Even if you can't make it to the Earth Day festivities, you can still "Find Your Burt," at home by visiting www.FindYourBurt.com. The website invites you into Burt’s world and lets you "Burtify" a pic of yourself. Yep–when you're bored at work you can add a Burt beard to you or your fave co-workers picture. The real-time tool modifies elements of Burt on your image based on your eco-motives. The Burt possibilities are endless and so are the ways to love the Earth.
This April, visit FindYourBurt.com to learn more about how Burt’s Bees is living The Greater Good™ and discover your own inner (and outer) Burt.

Standby for some earth day giveaways!
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