In My Living Room Right Now: Caldrea Fragrance Diffuser–Fragrance without the Flame

After the Caldrea event last week I was sent some more amazing scents from Caldrea's PR peeps. As you guys know I receive many products, many of which you never hear about because they're just nothing special. I know I wrote about Caldrea's new line for Target last week but when I started using this fragrance diffuser I was so pleasantly surprised. It's awesome. It's delightful without being overwhelming. Now some of you may like for your apartments to tickle your nosehairs when you walk into the room but not moi. And that's why I love this. It's just the right amount of scent.

I'm also loving the Water Lily scent. It's filled with essential oils of jasmine and cedarleaf. 

In case you didn't check out our last article about Caldrea you'll be happy to know that they use only the finest plant derived ingredients and are biodegradable and never tested on animals. 

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