Caldrea to Launch Budget Friendly Collection for Target!

I had the pleasure to go check out Caldrea's latest line that's going to be launching soon in Target. 

I'm so excited for this collection to hit stores. I love this company because they believe in a healthy home. They believe in good old fashioned elbow grease. They don't add antibacterial or antiseptic ingredients in their household cleaners. They also don't use parabens, or sodium lauryl sulfate.  

The products for Tar-jay will feature a new array of delicious scents with all the same quality you've come to expect from Caldrea. I got a chance to sniff some tonight and they are delish. My favorites were Citron Ginger which has an updated citrus flavor to it, not just your average lemony scent. Next, was the Olive oil. It smells clean without overwhelming. Who would think olive oil could be a candle I'd lust after? Herbs of Provence is amazing as well. It smells like you picked up a handful of fresh herbs from your mother's garden (not mine of course but maybe your mom gardens).

These little fellas will be available in April and priced from $5.99 to $19.99 so you can start getting the quality scents you love from Caldrea for a fraction of the Price. 

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