Lindsay Lohan Dumped by Emanuel Ungaro

I know I'm a little late with the Lindsay Lohan Fashion Week news but my poor fallen Disney starlet has yet again fallen even further than I ever imagined.  Emanuel Ungaro recently dumped her from the brand after her collection last year received scathing reviews. Emanuel Ungaro himself (though not part of the company anymore) said her collection was a "disaster."

Then, adding insult to injury, at Paris Fashion week she was turned away from Dior after arriving late. People saw her doing the walk of shame back to her hotel. Ouch.

New York Fashion week wasn't so great for her either. she was turned away from the Jill Stuart show as a "brand damager."  I guess there is such a thing as bad press afterall, huh?  To add insult to injury she was dogged in the Daily News.

LiLo quickly took to her Twitter to denounce rumors stating that “in response to the wrong Daily News, i’d rather be raising money for those that need it in Haiti @altitude360 then be at fashion week,”

She also said, the city was focusing more on mindless stuff rather and in her own words, “ignoring real world issues/reality.”

Linds, you know I love you but really? You're focusing on real world issues?

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